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TV Series

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The White Wolves

Catire is a young and humble man from Petare, the world’s largest and most dangerous slum, who after constant subordination and another near-death experience at the hands of merciless gangsters, finds himself forced to take on a criminal life and go against the most ruthless gangs, hoping to give his family a better existence out of this hellhole.

Genre: Drama.

Status: Financing. 

Est. Budget: TBD

References: BBC's "Peaky Blinders", Netflix's "Narcos", HBO's "The Sopranos", HBO's "Boardwalk Empire", HBO's "Tokio Vice". 

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The Timeless Era

The Timeless Era explores the tragic consequences of a new scientific discovery, which provides humanity with a cure for aging and immortality, leading to a global war and a new world order. We follow Santi, a young exile living on the outskirts of civilization, who needs to insert himself back into a now tyrannical and highly militarized USA in order to save his sister before she gets auctioned, like every other woman left under the age of 18, as a sexual servant.

References: Hulu's "The Handmaids Tale", Amazon Prime's "The Man in the High Castle", HBO's "The Last of Us" and "Station Eleven". 


Genre: Dystopian Drama.

Status: Financing. 

Est. Budget: TBD

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